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Estate Planning

Estate Planning and Elder Law are all about achieving peace of mind—that is—knowing you have a properly prepared plan in place that will protect you, your loved ones and your assets, perhaps for generations.

At the Law Office of Eric P. Zine, our goal is to provide you with that peace of mind. We will accomplish this by finding the most suitable estate planning or elder law solution for your unique situation and goals.

Planning during Life…

Estate Planning is not only about death and taxes. It is also about Lifetime Planning—providing for your own personal, legal and financial security during your lifetime. To help accomplish this we prepare comprehensive and highly personalized “Lifetime Planning” documents, which may address or consist of the following:

Elder Law Planning

Our expertise and experience enables us to assist families with planning for the costs of long term care and eligibility for all available forms of assistance, with the ultimate goal of remaining in your own home being paramount. Our plan will not only help protect your financial assets but will help your wishes become the reality, while you remain independent and less a burden to your loved ones.

Planning for death and taxes…

Planning your estate for the inevitable, death and taxes, does not have to be a somber process. Rather, it is an exercise that should bring you comfort in knowing that your loved ones will be protected and provided for, and your wealth, preserved and transferred in accordance to your wishes. To help accomplish this we prepare comprehensive and highly personalized “Family Transition” documents which may address or consist of the following:

As your trusted partner, we will make the planning process easy, pleasant and fulfilling. After all, we not only help you prepare for what happens in the future, but keep you focused on making the best, worry-free life you can create today.

To learn more about Estate Planning or Elder Law, call Attorney Zine at 781.930.3003 or e-mail us to schedule a free consultation.