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Health Care Proxies

Serving Massachusetts Clients in the preparation of Health Care Proxies

There are unfortunate times when an individual is unable to make or communicate their own health care decisions.  It is for this reason that a Health Care Proxy is recommended.

A Health Care Proxy is a legal document that you prepare in advance to make sure your providers will know your health care wishes and, importantly, your values about your care.  In the Health Care Proxy, you name the person you have chosen, commonly called the “proxy” or “health care agent,” to express your health care wishes.  Your proxy is recognized under Massachusetts law as the person who can speak for you regarding health care decisions.  Once your physician determines you are incapable making or communicating health care decisions, your health care agent will be your voice. Often, this person is a family member or close friend, that you trust and will honor your wishes and values.

A Health Care Proxy can be very broad or very limited. One of the most important provisions would be the decision to terminate life-support treatment or relay a do-not-resuscitate order.  Generally, your Health Care decisions may be best expressed, when a Health Care Proxy is used in tandem with a Living Will, a document that details a person’s preferences about the use of life-sustaining medical treatments and end-of-life care, in the event of terminal illness.

Attorney Eric P. Zine, is knowledgeable about how a Health Care Proxy will affect you and your family.  And he will help ensure the Health Care Proxy represents your true wishes and complies with the formal requisites of Massachusetts laws.

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