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Living Wills

Serving Massachusetts Clients in the preparation of Living Wills

We are all familiar with the tremendously difficult and emotional scenario that plays out every day in hospitals and health care facilities nationwide—when a loved one faces death and the family grapples with the decision to withhold heroic life support measures. And no situation brings this to reality more than that of Terry Schiavo, a patient in Florida who suffered major brain damage and was diagnosed by doctors as being in a persistent vegetative state. Unfortunately, Ms. Schiavo did not have a valid Living Will or “Advance Health Care Directive,” and the decision to withhold life support erupted into a seven year legal battle between her husband and her parents.

Fortunately, such difficult decisions can be avoided with the execution of a Living Will. A Living Will provides guidance to family members and medical professionals concerning a person’s wishes regarding extraordinary life support measures and end-of-life care.

Attorney Zine is knowledgeable with the multitude of options in this very sensitive area and can help you clearly express your wishes so they are carefully delineated and respected by your loved ones. In the highly personalized Living Will, you will have the option of selecting what measures you do or do not want and under various circumstances, such as:

  • The Kind of Medical “Life-Support” Treatment You Want or Don’t Want (i.e. tube feeding, major surgery, blood transfusions, CPR–in the event of–coma, severe brain damage, proximity to death, etc.)
  • How Comfortable You Want to Be (i.e. type pain medications administered, skin kept moist, warm baths, being read to, music being played, etc.)
  • How You Want People to Treat You (i.e. your hand held, family members present, only cheerful people in your presence, home care, etc.)
  • Wishes for What You Want Your Loved Ones to Know (i.e. special messages to loved ones, etc.)

Although these issues are generally difficult to discuss and decide, they are much easier for you now, concerning your own life, than for your loved ones when faced with the stress of a medical, heart-wrenching decision.

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